Surprise Valley

The Surprise Valley is bordered by the Warner Mountains on the west and to the east begins the sage and rock ridges of the Great Basin. Cedarville was a stopping point for California and Oregon emigrants, and today only a gas station reminds one that this is not still the nineteeth century. I heard of a landscape painter who paints here and keeps his locations a secret, like I might do with a threatened fishing spot. I think our best bet at preserving these beautiful places is for people to know them. This one was looking south down the lower lake bed.

Surprise Valley, on site watercolor, 9" x 13", matted for standard 16"x20" frame...$175

 Kate and I drove up the valley to Fort Bidwell, stopped at Fee reservoir to catch two good trout for a dinner offering to our hosts, then drove around trying to pick a view to paint. Everywhere we looked was beautiful, pastoral and well-kept ranches framed by red rock mountains. It is a place where one could paint for a few years and still find fresh views. I painted this one looking back to Cedarville from halfway across the causeway between the lakes.

Cedarville and the Warners, on site watercolor, 9" x 13", matted for standard 16" x 20" frame...$175