Tomales Bay

My painter friend Kate lives on Tomales Bay, and we try to get together every now and then to hike and paint along the coast. This summer our painting day conflicted with her massage appointment, so while she got worked over I stopped at the store in Inverness and painted, looking across Tomales Bay to Elephant Mountain and Point Reyes Station.

Tomales Bay, on site watercolor, 9" x 13", matted for standard 16"x20" frame...$175


Half Moon Bay - from the jetty

The next free day I was down fishing off the jetty at Princeton harbor on Half Moon Bay. I had heard that flocks of diving birds and salmon boats were right in close to the jetty, a rare opportunity to try fly casting for salmon in the open ocean. By the time I hiked out, there was no sign of fish, birds or boats, so after enough tiring casts I sat and sketched looking back to land. The fog was just starting to roll in as the sun dropped behind me.

Tomales Bay, on site watercolor, 6" x 9", matted for standard 11" x 14" frame...$125