Colorado Snowmelt Waterfall (sold)

I was in Colorado for serious fishing but it was nice to join my sister and her family on a day hike in the Front Range above Nederland. Though they live at 7,000 feet and I live in Oakland, I'd already been in the high sierra and surprisingly was able to stay far enough ahead at the high altitude to spy two enormous deer that were moving into hiding at our approach, far downslope hidden in the shadows of the trees. On the opposite side of the valley were sheer rock, melting snow and patches of trees. Our side of the steep canyon was a profusion of fresh blooming spring wildflowers dotted with tall stands of vibrant evergreens. I counted over twenty different flowers on the hike in, and sketched on the way back.

$100 framed

image size: 9" x 6.5"

framed size: 14" x 11.5"