A Painter's Journal

In which I gain the value of recreation, the inspiration of free travel, the lure of the open road, the gifts of good rivers, the uncertainty of homelessness, and the portable hearth of camp stove cappuccino.



August 2-5: Hot Creek, East Walker River, and Leavett Lake, CA

August 10-13: McCloud River

August 20-25: South Fork San Joaquin and Spicer Meadows Reservoir, CA

August 26-28: Ruby Mountains, Nevada, and on to Montana

August 29-September 5: Madison River and Taylor Fork of the Gallatin

September 7 - 20: Yellowstone, the Tetons, and the Wind River Range, Wyoming

September 25 - 28: Rocky Mountain Park and Steamboat Lake, Colorado

September 28-10/2: Delaney Buttes - Homage to Daverdog (a fishing story, no paintings)

October 2 - 9: Return to the Winds and onward to Silver Creek

October 12-15: Eagle Lake and Klamath River, CA

October 22-29: North Umpqua and the Deschutes Rivers, Oregon

 October 30-November 3: Seattle Stopover and the Olympic Peninsula, Washington

November 4-12: East Side Sierra: Eagle and Pyramid Lakes, Owens River (in progress)

 I thank the following organizations and individuals that lent support and inspiration for this project: Lanminds, Inc.; Kala Art Institute; Farallon Comunications, Inc.; Computer Lines, Inc., Bozeman; Micro Computer World, Loveland Co; Paul Wallace; Jeffrey Gordon Angus; Barbara Crawford; Richard Laws and Karen Laws Callaway; Deirdre Shideler; Dean Weigle; and all patrons who have purchased my art.