Mt. Shasta, view from the north

From Ashland on Interstate Five you climb over the dry and rugged Siskiyous to see an expansive plateau below, then around the next corner Mt. Shasta appears bigger than seems possible. I paint every time I am here, weather permitting. The work above was done at the end of my four months of travels in 1997 as I returned to California after staying with friends Annika and Mito in Ashland. I gave it to them at their wedding this year over Labor Day weekend, after catching a wild steelhead on a bamboo fly rod on the North Umpqua river.

After the wedding feast, I stopped again at the view of Mt. Shasta and painted. This year the colors were very rich and snow still covering the mountain, a lingering result of our El Nino winter.

Mt. Shasta 1998, on site watercolor, 6" x 9" matted for standard 11"x14" frame...$125



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